Introducing our first keynote speech: The Butterfly Effect


The term butterfly effect refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado, or cause one to happen in the first place.
Ingrid Ødegaard
Today, social media is the butterfly of modern times. For a new product or service to be successful, doing small things in the social media can give the product or service the exposure it needs to become mainstream. It’s imperative to reach out and engage with the relevant communities; you have to be present where the influencers and early adopters are. They will do the legwork for you. Imagine, a small blog or post in social media having the impact of the old-school marketing channels. is a relatively new video conference service in the Telenor Digital portfolio, which since its small beginnings as a 2013 summer intern project has grown to be used in over 175 countries. is proud to have recently become one of the top 100 000 websites in the world. And the best part? The product has not spent any money on marketing, relying only on organic growth and social spread. So how is this possible?

This Friday at Startup Weekend Oslo, Ingrid Ødegaard, product manager at, will be talking about how and how the product spread rapidly across the Globe with no marketing budget, starting with just a little tweet to Opera.

Ingrid has spent the last three years building a new organization of developers, web designers and product managers in Telenor Digital. Previously she has worked with strategy and business development at Aftenposten, and she has a degree in entrepreneurship from Boston University.