These coaches will teach you what you need to succeed!


Startup Weekend is all about experimental learning, about learning by doing, and to help you do the right things we’ve brought in a collection of 11 fantastic coaches, that will teach, guide and mentor you in the various areas.

We have Joel Bylos and Martin Brusgaard to guide you through the gaming, game design and gamification, Lars Willner, Arif Shafique, Petri Wilhelmsen and Kuba Bartwicki to tech you up to the task and make the journey pretty, Kim Daniel Arthur and Erling Løken Andersen to put you on the business path of the entertainment world and Sigurd Høystad and Frode Jensen to get your sales and company pitch perfect ready to face the ultimate challenge, the Judge Panel!

If you haven’t so already, check them out on the main page! With coaches like this, your team will succeed!