Welcome to the most musical and gamey Oslo Startup Weekend yet!


For those of you who had the entrepreneurial journey of a lifetime at the last Startup Weekend, or those of you on the hunt for the next one – we now bring you the PLAY Edition. In this 54-hour long, hands-on jam, the name of the game is to bridge the gap between Music and Games.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 22.45.01

Maybe you will make Wimp for games? An awesome tool for producing digital gamified record covers? The next social music game for mobile? Build a guitar that plays by itself? An concert location app? A co-musician space? Produce a song to raise money to open a co-musician space? Here are no boundaries or rules, only an endless ocean of opportunities and a mix of super awesome people. Come pitch your idea for the next big hit, or come join someone else’s idea of the next big thing. We want YOU!!

There are still some tickets left. Wanna attend? Make sure to get yours NOW!

Ticket price: 750 nok (Students 600 nok),

– includes access to talented mentors, lots of awesome people, super cool T-shirt, and food the whole weekend.

So Who will come PLAY with us next Weekend?