Top Ten Reasons to Attend Oslo Startup Weekend



Startup Weekend Oslo is coming soon, and it’s time you jumped in. Want to know why? Here are the top 10 reasons you should attend the event, which starts October 11th at Y3O in Youngstorget.

1. You’ll meet awesome people.
Entrepreneurs. Developers. Designers. Marketers. Product managers. Startup enthusiasts. Tech guys. They’ll be there, and they want to meet you. Startup Weekend is more than just a place to give your idea wings—it’s a place to plug into a community of talent.

2. It’s fast.
Startup Weekend takes an idea and launches it in 54 hours. No getting bogged down in 50 pages of a business plan, endless book research and months of meetings. This weekend is about testing your ideas to see if they stick and taking action to move them ahead.

3. You will learn a lot.
Startup Weekends are all about learning through doing and creating. Step outside of your comfort zone and learn something new by doing it. Want to learn how to prototype an app? We’ll hold a mini-class on Saturday morning to show the non-tech person how to use free prototyping tools. Want to become a social media maven? This is the place to put that book learning to work. Mentors, fellow participants, tools and the Startup Weekend experience provide a rich hands-on learning experience.

4. Food!! Swag!! Stuff!!
That’s right, you get food included at Startup Weekend! Startup Weekend Oslo costs 750 nok to get involved, but you get a lot of stuff with your ticket including meals, snacks, swag, access to exclusive resources, global sponsors and all of the coffee you can drink.

5. You get major face time.
Local tech and startup leaders will be at Startup Weekends as mentors and judges. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in Oslo at this event.

6. Co-founder dating.
Startups are about more than just an idea—it’s about the team behind it. Startup Weekend is the best way to find someone that you can actually launch a startup with. Thinking about launching a startup with someone right now? Bring ’em to the event and give the working relationship a test drive. It could save you years of heartache.

7. You’re joining a global movement.
Startup Weekend is a global community with over 100,000 alumni, all on a mission to change the world.

8. Be inspired and motivated!
Whether you need to get traction for an idea, a corporate type stuck in the nine-to-five grind, a developer wanting to try out the latest tools and APIs, a creative mind looking for a refresh or an experienced entrepreneur who wants to test drive a new idea, Startup Weekend provides inspiration and motivation to move boldly ahead.

9. You’ll be part of the innovation wave in Oslo!
Startup Weekend Oslo is part of a larger movement in Oslo and throughout Norway to make this area a solid base for our country’s brightest minds to launch global businesses. The more talented people are plugged into the community, the easier it is for everyone to be successful.

10. What else are you going to do…seriously?
Sit on the couch and eat potato chips? Naaaaah. Make your move. Take advantage of this weekend and sign up for Startup Weekend Oslo! Register for Startup Weekend today. Stop sitting and start making things happen! Visit
to register today!